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Technology strength

Precise film coating technology: vacuum evaporation film coating, ion assisted film coating magnetic control, sputter film coating.
Precise photolithography: can realize 8um±0.05um optical grating cycle.
Precise cutting technology: abnormal shape cutting, beveling, chamfering cutting of various plane mirrors.
Precise detection technology: has Hitachi, Olympus, ZYGO, Lambda and other first-rate detection equipment and system.


About Us

Wuhan Genuine Gaoli Optics Corporation Ltd.  is located in Wuhan East Lake Development Zone of national level high and new technology industrial development zone, relying on Huazhong University of Science and Technology, which is famous for its science college, and it specializes in design, development, production and sales of film coating for plane mirror optical components. The company has technical personnel of optical major and proprietary intellectual property rights. And also has complete production line for cleaning, photoetching, film coating, precise cutting to finished product inspection.It has Germany Leybold, Japanese Guangchi, Korean Hanyi, Japanese Ulvac and other imported film coating equipments...  


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